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Why Risk on Penny Stocks?

Some people who have not heard of penny stocks before, may assume that penny stocks is a stock investment that literally involves the exchange of pennies, or in other words, cents. Some others who may have heard a bit of information would define it as common stock trading for under $5. While both definitions are still acceptable, we will describe it as “any company trading through the ‘over the counter market.”

“No pain, no gain” is what people expect in this type of business. There is an abundant number of investments one might want to be involved in. Micro cap investing has proved to be one of the most worthwhile enterprises. It has the potential of acquiring big profits in only a matter of time. Penny stocks are unpredictable and it is common for stocks to either move upwards or downwards by 25%. The nature of its uncertainty makes the business very promising and very crucial. So why should you be investing any at all? Answer is quite simple with a bit of philosophy: “the more risks you take the more rewards you are posed to gain”. If you want to play safe, then this is not fit for you.

If you’re asking whether it’s worth investing on penny stocks or not, the answer depends on how you are going to deal with it personally. Sure you may encounter a lot of frustration and pressure but if you are dedicated and persistent enough to learn about how penny stocks behave, then chances are, you may be doubling or tripling your money in a month.

The primary requirement you need to have in order to get started is a brokerage account. Find a reliable brokerage service and have an account opened. Each time you sell or purchase a stock, a small fee is deducted to your account by your broker. Usually, the service will walk you through to how you get started. For starters, it is highly suggested to invest a small amount of money you can afford to lose. Losing the money at stake will not make your business suffer. If you successfully find a winning bid, your investment will grow at a small rate but the experience you gain from there will be a lot.

I can not stress enough the need to be consistent in here. Keep in mind that when you purchase penny stocks, it’s not like dividend investing where you can buy and forget, instead you’ll need to make sure to follow them for the next days, weeks or even months. Speak with the company’s point of contact and check for new products, research as to what product they have advantageous over other stocks you find interest in or simply inspect who their rivals are for information.

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31. May, 2011
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Investing in a Bear Market

Currently the share market is in negative but still there is no need to panic because there are some rules to survive in the bear market and these rules would help in returning back to its original position quickly.

Sorry to say, but there are many investor who just could not resist the attraction to experiment in the market, as these investor believe that they can earn good profits because of the short-term price movements. However, there would be some good deals as well but it would be very difficult to recognize and could also give very painful rewards in a bear market.

Bear market as known to everyone particularly to the investors that it is completely different to bull market, not only in terms of price movement but also there are other differences as well that includes:

1. Time Factor:
Bear markets show slow movement of prices provided it is not activated by a crash like the October, 1987. Generally, the price movement in the bear market is slow and reduces gradually.

2. People become poorer:
In bear market there are very few investors who would have the funds and would be willing to invest. Besides broker no one would be interested in trading because the earnings of brokers would have been dried up.

An investor needs to change his mindset if he wants to survive in a bear market, particularly if the bear market has come up after a long-run bull market when everyone would have invested their money on stocks had yielded good returns.

3. Stay happy even if your investment yields low returns
It is the time when an investor earning zero return on his investment must be satisfied because he is better than those who are having negative returns on their investments. It is the time when people used to see their value of investment and stocks falling.

4. You must have cash in hand:
Since most of the investment would give negative returns therefore you must have cash in hand in such time of crisis.

5. You must have diversified your portfolio before bear market or else it’s too late:
It is important that you have diversified your portfolio and by doing this you would have reduced your risk, but if you have not done this until the bear market is reached, then it is too late now.

6. If you have cash, keep it with you:
Many brokers would suggest investing in the market and will say that the market is going to get better, but remember that they are thinking about their own personal fee therefore, it is a better idea to wait and enter the market when others have started investing.

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31. Dec, 2010