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How To Triple Your Investments In Hours

Penny stocks are typically a focus of day traders given how quickly they move and the profit potential behind them. The largest hurdle which you have to contend with to find the best cheap stocks on the market is differentiating between those which are set for upswings and the rest, and here is a new method millions of traders regularly use to triple their investments in hours by finding the best cheap stocks on the market.

As the technology continues to improve, more and more stock investors are beginning to turn to and rely on analytical stock programs to find the cheap stocks on the rise. These are programs which are now available on a consumer based level which are modeled after the same as those used by professional traders in the major trading houses. They are so popular because their method of their method of anticipating market behavior is incredibly effective.

Specifically it’s a method known as stock behavioral analysis and comparison. What this means is that it looks for overlaps between past and present stocks. Stock market behavior is very specific and unique, so finding even the smallest nuances and overlaps between two stocks can tell you everything you need to know about what you can expect in the short-term. It’s difficult picking up on these overlaps as you need to take the full range of the market into account, hence the popularity of these programs which are able to do just that.

Having not had a great deal of experience with penny stocks up until that point, I began checking in on that stock eventually every 30 minutes or so when the market opened the next day. It’s a great feeling to see cheap stocks on the rise while being invested in them as it continued to climb and finally top off at $.48 a share before getting to topple down again. I ultimately more than tripled my initial investment when I got out and was overjoyed, my only regret being that I didn’t invest more at the time initially. That’s not to say that every stock pick behaves as quickly or appreciates this much, but it shows you how effective and potentially profitable cheap stocks are.

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26. Feb, 2011
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Indian Stock Market Tips

For successful investing, first you should start watching the movement of Indian stock markets live. The live charts will give you all the share market news and clear idea on whether you should invest in the stock markets are not. You can watch the live charts of the stock movements either in television or websites online. I will explain in detail how the live charts will help.

If you are planning to do day trading today, in any stocks and say you have got a Indian share market tips for 3 stocks.

  • State Bank of India – Buy Call – Target Price – Rs 500 (say)
  • Reliance Natural Resources Limited – Buy Call – Target Price – Rs 75 (say)
  • Tata Motors – Buy Call – Target Price – Rs 600 (Say)

I will explain, how Indian stock market live will help you to choose the best. The above stocks are taken for example for easy understanding.

  1. Start watching the Indian stock market live graphs and note the opening price of the above 3 stocks. Also note the opening of the stock market i.e. it is in green or red. Green indicates the markets have opened positively and red indicates the market has opened negatively.
  2. If the stocks opens in red and if it is against the brokerage recommendations then ignore the stocks. For example if State Bank of India opens in red with a price of Rs 485 and starts moving downwards to Rs 482, then there is a less chance of this stock reaching the target. So you should ignore the Indian stock tips of State Bank of India.
  3. If the other stocks open in green when compared to the previous closing price, say Reliance Natural Resources Limited opens at the price of Rs 71 against the previous closing price of Rs 68 and Tata Motors opens at Rs 585, when compared to the previous closing price of Rs 585, i.e. there is no change in the price, then there is less chance for Tata Motors to reach the target. This is because the Indian stock exchange has opened in green today and Tata Motors has not reacted to the positive momentum in the Indian stock market.
  4. In this situation, if you are able to do successful Indian stock market analysis, then you should choose to buy “Reliance Natural Resources Limited” which has more chance to reach the target.

This is just a small example of doing successful analysis. But this success also depends on various factors like political news, disaster news, monsoon and festival occasions. Through experience you will be able to gain more knowledge on successful online share trading.

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04. Aug, 2010